Monday, November 14, 2011

Im back!

Hello All,

So I have been trying my hardest to get a post up WITH PICTURES so I had all these pics taken with several phones and emailed them to myself. I missed blogging.

This past weekend I went out with a friend to the casino to hopefully catch the fight that they were advertising on tv. Well needless to say, we did not watch a fight...but I did love my outfit!

Blazer: Sears (like $10!)
Shirt: Marshalls
Leggings: (stirrups- they remineded me of when I was a kid) Lane Bryant
Shoes: VS

 and then I have this random pic I took in my car while I was at a LONG stop light...


  1. Love your hair and those shoes, werk!!!

  2. i love your outfit, too :))) thanks for following! i am following back :)))

  3. Those pumps are frickin GORGEOUS! Your hair is so cute! Too bad about the fight :(

  4. Love the hair & pumps!
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