Thursday, October 13, 2011

"Inspections" were done today at work, therefore I was able to dress "casually" (We have uniformed button-ups that we wear daily) So when I found out that I DID NOT have to wear my uniform and was able to pick something out my closet, I was pretty excited. So this morning I get dressed and I pull out my digital camera.....and it decides that each picture captured will be BLURRY!!! So....looks like a new camera is in the works. All of this being said, until a new camera is purchased...or I figure out how to fix my current one....the pictures will all be from my cell phone (not the best of picture quality- but I dont know how to function without taking pictures) So drum roll...................................... here are my first blogged pictures

Jeans/Tshirt: Lane Bryant
Cardigan: (I think) Rainbow (forever ago- everyone once in a while you can find a piece or two there)
Shoes: Coach (Macys)
Bag: Marshalls
Jewelry: (numerous places)

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