Thursday, October 27, 2011

Out to Lunch

Hello All,

I have been wanting to post all week and just havent been ablel to! I really liked my outfit on SUNDAY and I havent been able to show it off yet. I have done my nails twice and havent been able to show them off yet. The problem  is.....I have misplaced my camera! :( I didnt realize it until I was ready to post tonight. I will find it (I loose it all the time) and I will be posting like CRAZY! If I can get some good mobile pics of my nails I will put them up. I really like my nails right now. This "paint my own nails every 3 days" is kind of working out for me.

Soooooo looonnggg story short. I will "BRB"

Love and Blessings

Kristen Lynn

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